Whine Wednesdays: When Did Sydney Become Puritan?


When I was in Sydney the other weekend and wanted to have an adult beverage after entering the venue past midnight, I was presented this paper showing what I could purchase at what hour.

Sydney Went Dry

It was around 1AM and decided to get a bottle of French bubbly and the waiter said no. You cannot even have a cocktail because most of them include more than one measurement. You can have a mixed drink that contains mostly soda/water/juice.

Many venues can be open and serve alcohol until 3AM but you cannot enter after 1:30AM. How ridiculous is that?


I do agree that bars shouldn’t sell alcohol to intoxicated people but if one goes out after midnight they cannot buy a bottle or have a cocktail? I ended up drinking only beer in Sydney because the mixed drinks served were so watered down.

Luckily, they didn’t have these stupid restrictions in Melbourne.