British Airways Concorde Room Turns In To Samsung Showroom?


A LoyaltyLobby reader Tweeted us a photo taken inside the British Airways Concorde Room at London’s Heathrow airport. This lounge is used for first class passengers (no access for Oneworld Emeralds) and for those that have the Concorde Room card.

British Airways Concorde Room

It seems that part of the lounge is now taken over by a Samsung pop-up shop that really doesn’t seem to fit the space clearly as shown above. Also, Samsung had to recall more than 2 million devices this week due to exploding batteries.


I have no issues if airline lounges (even first class ones) occasionally are promoting third party products such as phones but it should be done tastefully and fit the clientele.

This Samsung stand doesn’t fit the lounge at all and merely cheapens (if possible) the British Airways product. Samsung certainly has paid something for this space and the timing couldn’t have been worse due to the exploding batteries recall this past week.