British Airways Check In Systems Down Worldwide – Remember To Get Your EC 261/2004 Compensation Claims In


British Airways is facing issues with its check in systems worldwide (BA claims only Americas) and is checking in passengers manually.


This will lead to significant delays and many passengers will miss their connections at London Heathrow and other airports upon their arrival.

Here’s what BBC writes about this incident (access the entire piece here):

The airline apologised to customers, saying its IT teams are “working to resolve this issue”.

British Airways told customers that some flights were cancelled on Monday “due to operational reasons”.

It said in a statement: “We are checking in customers at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports this morning, although it is taking longer than usual.”

“We are sorry for the delay to their journeys,” the airline added.

Customers were encouraged to check in online before they reach the airport.


Affected passengers should remember that British Airways is a community carrier and EC 261/2004 compensation applies. Depending on length of the delay and the flight destination, the cash compensation can be up to 600 euros.

The issue with British Airways check-in systems cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance beyond airlines’ control that would relieve the airline from the cash compensation portion of the law (even if that was the case, duty to care would still apply).

All affected passengers that were delayed should get their compensation claims in if the delay exceed the compensation thresholds.