Emirates Economy Seating Charge Starts October 3, 2016


Seems that even Emirates is starting to nickel and dime customers with incidental charges that many low cost carriers charge from making a reservation on the website to checking a bag.

Emirates Pay For Bags

The airline will be charging non-status passengers that fly on special on saver fares (most pax) for selecting a seat at the time of purchase beginning on October 3, 2016.

It is unclear how much this seating selection charge will be and how connecting itineraries are affected. If it’s similar to other airlines that currently charge for seat selection, a family of four can expect to pay several hundred dollars for selecting their seats for North America or Europe – Asia trips via Dubai (four sectors).


Emirates has been very quiet about this change and hasn’t released any press information about this “enhancement”.

Many passengers will be for a rude awakening when they are buying ticket from Emirates only to find out that they have to pay considerably more if they want to ensure that the family sits together.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they have other “enhancements” coming our way if this seating selection charge is successful and there is no push back from affected passengers.