Delta Airlines: Cell Phone Catches Fire On Atlanta-Bound Flight


Amid the problems of the melting Samsung Note 7 cellphones a yet unidentified device caught fire on board a Delta Airlines flight from Norfolk, VA to Atlanta.

Delta_A330 copyPassengers and flight attendants were able to extinguish the fire before any serious damages or injuries occurred .

While the circumstances of an overheated cellphone immediately suggest some connection to the current problems surrounding Samsung phones (LoyaltyLobby wrote about it here) it’s not yet clear what brand the cellphone in question was made of.

Fox News Travel (access here) reported about the incident.

A cell phone battery caused an inflight disruption after catching fire on a Delta Air Lines flight from Norfolk, Va. to Atlanta Friday morning. … the fire started about 15 minutes after flight 2557’s departure.

Passenger Kristi Parrotte says she had just fallen asleep when she started to smell smoke and heard someone call out to crew. She says she was seated about two rows behind the fire and was able to see a plume of smoke coming from the seats. …

According to the passenger, retired military personnel aided the flight attendants in extinquising the fire by using a bottle of water until a fire extinguisher was located. Others helped passengers get out of the cabin area filled with smoke. …

Though there was some damage to the seats, no one was hurt during the incident and the smoke cleared out of the cabin within a few moments. Flight attendants said the owner has not been identified.

The type of phone involved in the cabin fire has not been released but the report comes amid the  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s official recall of Samsung’s Note7 phone yesterday  after numerous reports of the product overheating and catching fire.

At the departure gate in Norfolk, Parrotte says passengers were told to keep all Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones turned off and not to charge them. Another announcement was made after passengers boarded the plane. After the fire, a flight attendant told passengers to turn off all cell phones, regardless of make.

Fire in the cabin is obviously a serious matter. Even though materials inside the cabin are made of non-combustible materials they still produce smoke which can be just as deadly as flames.


Hopefully the manufacturers get the issues with these ‘exploding’ cellphones under control otherwise I can see a new wave of security measures concerning the use of phone on board of airplanes.

As far as this incident is concerned thankfully nobody was injured and the device was extinguished before it could cause serious damage.