Kuala Lumpur Airport Express: Receive Discounts When Purchasing Online Tickets With Mastercard

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Travelers who are visiting Kuala Lumpur and plan to use the convenient KLIA Airport Express Train should be reminded that it’s worth it to purchase the ticket for the train online, using Mastercard.


The pre-purchase can either be completed via the Mobile Application or website of the KLIA Ekspres which departs from the airport terminal and ends at Sentral Station right next to malls and hotels.

Given the distance of KLIA to the city center using the train is the fastest option of commuting on that route. I usually stay at one of the SPG hotels in the Sentral area (aloft, Le Meridien, St. Regis) so I’ve been using this train for years without ever giving much consideration to further savings for online purchases.

Recently I spotted an advertisement inside the train that was then also available on the website for 20% savings purchasing the tickets through the website or app using Mastercard. This current promotion is so far valid until the end of September 2016 but it has already been extended many times so it will come back.


The price for a normal one way ticket is 55 MYR while the roundtrip ticket to Sentral is available for 80 MYR with the discount (40 MYR per way).



You’re also able to receive a 10% discount when paying by Mastercard at one of the Self Service Kiosks at the station.


Advantage of purchasing the tickets via mobile app is certainly that you can just scan the code off your cellphone without having to wait in line and get the paper ticket at the kiosk.

In the future will feature a line of different airport transfer options to show our readers how to save money while using shuttles, buses and airport trains to get from/to the airport at various destinations.