Reader Question: InterContinental Phnom Penh & Non-working Internet


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding a non-working Internet at the InterContinental Phnom Penh that often appears on the PointBreaks.


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You can access InterContinental Phnom Penh website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Wondering what is your take on the following situation:

Should one be compensated based on price paid, trip value, or trip length? Are 11K points compensation enough for a stay that cost me 35K? Enough if it normally sells for 175K / $1500++? Enough for a week of crappy internet and hassle?

We just spent a week at the InterContinental, Phnom Penh, that I was able to get on the current point breaks list and the internet was awful. Here’s the after-trip email I received based on my review of the property (which still hasn’t been posted):

“…it is with deep regret that I am sending this message after learning of your experience with our staff’s no-action and follow up regarding the slow internet you have reported.  This was indeed unacceptable as we have standard procedures that all reported issues are brought up with the Manager on Duty so that action can be put in place and a follow up is made with the guest.  We have unfortunately failed on this occasion.  I am personally addressing this with all staff concerned with corrective measures immediately put in place.

As a gesture of apology and hopefully, to restore your confidence in our services, I have extended 10,000 IHG Rewards Points into your account.  This is in addition to the 1,000 Points extended by our Guest Relations staff whom you were able to talk to on your departure.

…comments from our valued Platinum Ambassadors members like you are critical in assessing our performance and your feedback is very much appreciated.”

We had around 100KB/s to split between ourselves. It wasn’t enough for two people, we couldn’t even stream video or chromecast. I complained the first, third, and fifth day and it remained the same, even to the point I’d go to a pizza joint for a couple of Angkors while a movie or two downloaded at 10X the speed, saving me a bandwidth battle with my wife.

So while I’m happy about my point valuation for this trip, I’d feel slighted if I were to have paid full price.



P.S. – They also closed the spa three weeks prior to our arrival, but well after I had booked so we had extra time in the room because we’d already “been there/done that” in PP. I’m upset that their website still fails to reflect something that happened on the 16th August.

It is really unfortunate that IHG really heavily censors reviews that are in any shape or form critical of the property. What is the purpose of the “reviews” if most of critical ones never make the website? I have covered this issue several times here on LoyaltyLobby.

The hotel get the same reimbursement from IHG Rewards Club regardless if they were on PointBreaks or if you had paid the regular points rate.

The internet speed seems to have been completely unacceptable. I would say that the absolute minimum speed today that I can work with is 2 MBPS. Anything slower and I just cannot get my work done.

I would have probably escalated the issue to the General Manager on the second day and had/him her deal with the issue. Sometimes these lower level managers don’t appropriately deal with the problems.

One option would have been to buy a SIM card for tethering purposes and ask the property to cover the expense.


It is unfortunate that one cannot rely on hotel internet and especially at an InterContinental hotel. It is not an excuse that the hotel happens to be in Phnom Penh. If the internet was this bad and the employees never escalated the situation correctly, I would ask them to compensate the entire stay of 35,000 points.

I am sure that there have been many other LoyaltyLobby readers at this hotel recently due to its frequent appearance on the PointBreaks list. I hope that they could chime in how the internet worked for them.

I have stayed at this hotel couple of times and remember getting huge suite (probably presidential) but that must have been 5+ years ago. Cannot remember how the internet worked at the time.