SPG Gold & Platinum Lifetime Status = Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum Lifetime Status?


Marriott’s purchase of Starwood closed yesterday and the merging of the loyalty programs begun. I covered the deal on three separate pieces that you can access here, here, and here.


Starwood could have been clearer on the email they sent to members that also hold Gold or Platinum lifetime status on their programs and how this will map to Marriott’s one.

You can access the web page for program merger here.

The following text has caused some confusion:

Since you’re currently Platinum with SPG® — as well as an SPGLifetime™ Gold member — when you link accounts or join Marriott Rewards®, you’ll instantly receive Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status and benefits. You’ll continue to enjoy yourSPG Lifetime status, and if you’ve already earned Marriott Rewards Lifetime status, you’ll keep that too. Please note that linking accounts will not result in a Lifetime status match in the other program.

Here’s my lifetime status from the SPG Dashboard:


When I had a call on Thursday (will write about it tomorrow) with the people running both the Marriott Rewards & SPG programs, they ensured that Marriott would honor the SPG Gold & Platinum lifetime status as they have done with previous programs that have merged into it.


They could have perhaps worded the text the bit clearer in a way that would have ensured that the combined program in 2018 would honor the SPG Gold & Platinum status.

Once I requalify for SPG Platinum status sometime in early 2017, the lifetime Platinum status is then bagged (for the rest of the year the program continues to exist). I completely expect Marriott to match it to their lifetime Platinum.