Compensation Clinic: Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Quality Issues & Resolution


It’s another Compensation Clinic Sunday and we’re stopping at Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport today where one of our readers had a bit of trouble during his most recent stay.

cc-hgi-fraIssues ranged from Check-In duration to room cleanliness and late check-out availability for the guest who is a HHonors Diamond Member.

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Hilton has two hotels at Frankfurt Airport that opened fairly recently (just a few years ago) and they are located right next to each other on top of the ICE Long Distance train station.

Our reader contacted us on Facebook to report the problems he encountered and the resolution provided by Hilton Customer Service.

Here is the short mail:

Hello, we stayed at Hilton Garden Inn FRA Airport and our visit wasn’t really that great.

There were many issues with this Hotel including but not limited to:

  • Check in was only a few people but it took forever.
  • I asked for an upgrade to junior suite which is their biggest room al though they had one they did not want to give it
  • Pillows were super rubbish and flat and they had no extra ones in the room.
  • The room was dusty and even had a cobweb on one of the door ways.
  • Towels smelled funny
  • Last but not least I asked for a late check out. Was given only 2pm and whatever nonsense answer until i called again and again, finally they gave me 4 pm. Very frustrating for a Diamond!

When I checked out I gave them a review on the Hilton app which has a super fast response. I got multiple response from different people afterwards who did not know i was responded to. The hotel people said “I will give you 2 drinks next time you come” which is a joke.

Then I dealt directly with Hilton Customer Relations and asked for the points back (I paid with a Cash&Points award). Hilton agreed to refund me 16,000 HHonors points.

The Hilton Garden Inn at Frankfurt Airport is a simple hotel. I stayed there myself and didn’t encounter any issues but then I arrived late and left early. I remember though the check-in took quite some time as well.

As the reader mentioned the upgrade as one of his complaint points I feel this is the least valid one as suite upgrades are not guaranteed with the Hilton HHonors program, even for Diamond Members. I have gotten many suites over the years but that was always at the discretion of the hotel.

The remaining points are valid though. I expect rooms to be clean and towels to be fresh. The late check-out upon availability is something where Hilton has to become better and more consistent. I notice this issue at many Hilton properties as well.


Refunding either the cash or points portion is a common resolution for such a problem. In fact had the reader paid entirely with points then I’m confident he would have received those back in full.

Hilton properties have to pay a penalty for each customer service case filed against them. I’m not sure how the web application counts into this if an issue is escalated further. It could very well be that the hotel will be hit with the 200$ administrative penalty for this case. They should have dealt with the guest on property and offered to either waive the cash portion or refund the points. Once the guest leaves the property all bets are off.