Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer & Shangri-La Golden Circle Infinite Journeys Partnership


Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer & Shangri-La Golden Circle have launched the Infinite Journeys partnership for mutual recognition of each others elite members.


Seems that there are more benefits from this partnership to Shangri-La Golden Circle members that can get easy Star Alliance Gold status by taking a certain number of flights over a four month period.

You can access Infinite Journeys website here.

2X Recognition


Golden Circle Jade & Diamond members receive KrisFlyer Silver status. Jade members are eligible for KrisFlyer Gold status by taking three flights within four months and Diamond members by taking one flight over the same period of time.

PPS Club and KrisFlyer Gold members can get Golden Circle Jade membership after one stay.

2X Rewards


Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members can earn 500 miles per stay in addition to the Golden Circle points earned.

2-Way Redemption


You can Convert Golden Circle points to KrisFlyer miles at 1:1.25 ratio and KrisFlyer miles to Golden Circle points at 12:1 ratio.


Golden Circle Jade members can get easy Star Alliance Gold status out from this partnership. The other benefits of being KrisFlyer Gold with Singapore Airlines are non-existent.

The conversion ratio of Golden Circle to KrisFlyer 1:1.25 and KrisFlyer to Golden Circle 12:1. This seems very lopsided. Always good to have the options to leverage hotel or airline status, however.