Last Call: Buy Avianca LifeMiles At Up To 125% Bonus Until September 30th 2016

Avianca Lifemiles had a couple different promotions out there to purchase miles with minimum 100% Bonus plus addition threshold amounts if you buy large quantities.

lifemilesThe latest promotion will expire in two days from now so it’s the last call if you have a short term use for LifeMiles to buy any and stock up.

During the last months Lifemiles has a couple different promotions that varied in the bonus amounts as well as the promotional dates. John wrote about the the promo which initially has a 5% early bird bonus that expired on September 10th (access here).

After the early bird expired the bonus is now back to 100% even and then an additional 15% if you purchase between 51,000 – 100,000 and 25% when you buy between 101,000 – 150,000 Lifemiles.

lifemiles-bonusThe bonus amounts are in line with previous promotions (no surprise there) and some routes might still be attractive to be booked with LifeMiles.

Purchase Price:


The per mile price if purchasing the maximum amount of miles is 1.47 cents each.

Does it make sense to purchase LifeMiles?

LifeMiles used to be very valuable but the award chart has been devalued few times along the way. There are still a few values left such as some recent SCL-GYE and UIO-POA redemptions that John wrote about here.

In addition, Lufthansa First Class appears to be back on LifeMiles within a 2 week booking window.


You can always “purchase” more LifeMiles during the award redemption process as Avianca allows you to buy up to 50% of the miles needed for about 1.5 cents per mile. I would only buy these if you have good use for them in the immediate future.

Always compare with current sales of regular airfares in premium classes before resorting to purchase miles these days. There are many very good sales around where you are able to get long haul Business and First Class at very decent rates and it makes little sense to buy and use miles in that case.


These are the terms and conditions for the current LifeMiles Promotion:

  • The bonus percentage is according to the table shown above and is calculated based on the miles purchased per individual transaction without taking into account the promotional bonus.
  • The miles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000.
  • The minimum miles to purchase per transaction is 2,000 LifeMiles. If the member purchases less than 2,000 LifeMiles per transaction such transaction will be processed successfully but without granting the bonus shown in the table above.
  • The maximum miles to purchase per transaction during this promotion to receive the bonus showed in the table above is 150,000 LifeMiles if the Member has not purchased miles in 2016 or 150,000 LifeMiles minus the miles previously purchased by the Member in 2016.
  • The Member may purchase miles outside of the limits showed in the table above but in such case the transactions will be processed but no bonuses will be granted.
  • The maximum amount of miles to receive by a member per calendar year outside of this promotion is 150,000 LifeMiles (including miles purchased and bonuses received). If the member surpasses the limit, through purchases made during this promotion and other purchases in 2016, taking into account the bonuses received for those purchases, he or she will not be able to purchase any more miles until the next calendar year.
  • Each package of 1,000 LifeMiles costs USD $33.00 without applicable taxes and USD $40.26* including applicable taxes according to correspondence country registered in the LifeMiles database**


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