Whine Wednesday: Loading Up Personal Food Containers At The Club Lounge Buffet


It’s another Whine Wednesday and having spent the last week in Beijing once again provides us with ample opportunity to whine, this time about people who fill up their Tupperware containers at the lounge.

sgw-loungeSome people have really no shame and bring their own containers to load up and take away food that is supposed to be consumed by the patrons inside the club lounge.

I have seen this a few times now and was able to shoot this picture last Sunday at a Sheraton Hotel in Beijing where I stayed for a few hours before returning to Kuala Lumpur in the middle of the night.

Let’s make no mistake here. The lady already ate and then brought out the container which she filled to the brim and then she left.

I’d say it’s somewhat of a grey area and most of the time the staff would probably even allow it if you ask them nicely but there is something really tacky about guests who load up their own Tupper at the buffet.

This isn’t something that’s exclusive to hotel lounge. I noticed this at breakfast buffets and in airport lounges as well. Enough is enough!


Taking a bag of chips, a banana or a can of soda back to your room is one thing but a full scale meal for two after you’ve already eaten goes above and beyond what a lounge has been designed for.

Have you noticed these antics before or are you guilty of this as well? Confess below!