Fabulous Fridays: Uber


When I was thinking earlier this morning what would be the topic for the Fabulous Fridays today, I decided to write about a service that has made it a lot easier for me to use transportation services in many countries.


In the past, you had to rely the hotel to call the cab for you (and hope that they wouldn’t just use a company that gives them the greatest kickback), then negotiate a rate (in countries where meters just don’t “work”), pay using local cash (and hope that the driver won’t try to cheat you) and most likely you didn’t get a receipt.

This has now all changed thanks to Uber. I really like the fact that I can just order Uber and be confident that I am not paying a rip off rate or having to fight with the taxi driver about the fare.

I have now used the service close to 600 times based on the receipts sent to my email and in 30 to 40 countries.


When I speak with fellow travelers, they sometimes state that they don’t use Uber for one reason or another. Usually claiming that the drivers don’t pay taxes (how many taxis give you a receipt?), they are not licensed to provide transportation services (true in some countries but not in all) or they just don’t like the company (do get this point as well).

Uber has been very aggressive when entering new markets. Opening the service and dealing with the regulatory issues later hoping that by the time their service would be the one that consumers preferred.

I do have number of taxi apps installed on my phone as well but there isn’t one for all markets + cannot always use a credit card. There is one for Brazil, couple for Europe etc. I like the fact that I can use the Uber one pretty much where ever I go (and earn Starpoints in the process).