Reader Question: Hotel Won’t Refund Payment Case Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport South/Sullivan Road


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about a charge from Marriott affiliated Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport South/Sullivan Road hotel that won’t refund payment.


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You can access Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport South/Sullivan Road website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

Recently I have a ridiculous situation.

The story begins with registration of Marriott 2016 Fall Megabonus.

I needed a stay on Sep. 15, so I checked a hotel near Atlanta airport.

I find a hotel ‘Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport South/Sullivan Road’ and booked under the rate ‘Advance Purchase Rate, prepay in full, non-refundable if cancelled more than 1 day after booking’. Then I submitted Best rate guarantee claim but it was denied. So I cancelled the reservation (13 hours after my reservation, so it was within a day). But they charged to my credit card and my money was withdrawn from my bank account.


I sent several emails to the hotel and Marriott customer center also. Marriott customer center forwarded my issue to the hotel several times, but they never replied. After I sent a message to Marriott facebook. Finally, GM of the hotel replied that my reservation was ‘advance purchase rate’ and asked me if I had a confirmation letter. I forwarded reservation email to him, then he never open the email.

I don’t know how to handle this matter. Is there any institution that I can report this matter and get a refund? Should I contact to local police?

Fairfield Inn is the lowest brand affiliated with the Marriott (some are motel style). I believe that I have never actually stayed at one but do remember checking in one on my way to Palm Springs from LA to get one cheap stay for a Marriott promotions years back.

It is very clear from the rate description that the reservation is indeed refundable if canceled within 24 hours.

Most of these lower end brands are not managed by Marriott. Perhaps this property ties to hold on every penny they get it even when they should refund them knowing that most of the consumers just give up and don’t follow up.

The reader must have paid the stay using a credit card. He/she should initiate a charge back with their credit card issuer. Note that charging back is not as easy outside of the US (the reader is from Korea).

Just contact the card issuer and tell that the hotel has declined the refund even when you made it within the 24 hours per the rate terms. The bank will charge this back to the property and they end up having to pay a charge back fee as well.


It is really unfortunate that the General Manager or whoever is supposed to reply to emails at this hotel is not doing their job. The reader should just go ahead and do a chargeback with their credit card issuer.

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