Southwest Aircraft Evacuated After Yet Another Fire Caused By An (Already Exchanged) Samsung Note 7


A Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated after yet another Samsung Note 7 cellphone of a passenger caught fire on a flight from Louisville, KY to Baltimore.


Spicy detail about this most recent incident is that it was caused by a device that was already exchanged by Samsung through the recall measures of the last few weeks.

This is especially bad news because if correct then whatever Samsung did to their phones isn’t preventing them from going up in flames, causing damage and present danger to the environment where they are being used.

Gizmodo (access here) wrote about the Southwest incident which happened on Wednesday.

Yet another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone has exploded in a public place—an airport, in fact!—in the wake of an official recall from US regulators last month. The latest incident of an exploding Note 7 phone happened during the boarding process of Southwest Flight 994 to Baltimore at Louisville International Airport on Wednesday. The worst part: it was a replacement Galaxy Note 7.

Officials say the Galaxy Note 7 overheated as people were boarding the plane, and the smoke caused the entire plane to be evacuated. More than 75 people were asked to deplane including the crew members. No one was injured during the incident.

According to a report from The Verge, the owner of the phone confirmed he had replaced his faulty Note 7 at an AT&T store on September 21. A photograph that the owner sent to the news site shows a black square symbol on the box that is supposed to indicate a replacement Note 7. The phone was powered down and in the owner’s pocket when it exploded.

The Galaxy Note 7 caused minor damage to the plane’s carpet, where the phone was dropped.

During the past few week I had quite a few flights and every time the announcement about the Note 7 was made, prompting passengers to neither use or charge it. In this particular case the phone caught fire while the owner was shutting it down.


The situation with the Note 7 is getting out of hand. I wonder how long it takes until a full out ban of that model is being announced and the complications attached to policing this sort of policy. Personell (likely at the TSA checkpoint) would have to inspect all phones and detect the specific model. Let’s hope it won’t come to this.

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