Jetstar Passengers Arrested After Brawl Over Seat Recline On Flight From Phuket to Sydney – Blacklisted!


A man and a woman flying Jetstar from Phuket to Sydney were subdued and later arrested after they engaged in a fight over the woman reclining her seat on a flight to Australia last week.

jetstar-copyBoth passengers were taken into custody by Australian Federal Police upon their arrival in Sydney after several passengers had to help the crew out in order to restrain them.

Not sure what it is with these flights to Australia especially on low cost carriers such as Jetstar that always makes such headlines but apparently they are prone to trouble.

You can find more about this story on ABC News (access here) where they reported about it last Thursday.

Police were called to escort two people off a Jetstar flight, following a mid-air incident where punches were allegedly thrown and fellow passengers were forced to intervene.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) confirmed it was investigating the case, which saw the 27-year-old man and 42-year-old woman escorted off the plane when it landed in Sydney on Wednesday afternoon.

A fight allegedly broke out between the two passengers midway through the journey from Phuket to Australia.

Finance expert Scott Haywood told Melbourne radio station 3AW he was among a group of passengers who were forced to restrain the pair. Mr Haywood said the fight started after the woman reclined her seat back onto the man’s mother.

It prompted the man to thump the woman’s chair, and then the argument became physical.

“In the area there were about 12 of us who saw it all and they were certainly laying into each other,” he told 3AW. …

In a statement provided to several media outlets, Jetstar said it did not tolerate “disruptive behaviour” on its flights.

“We will conduct a review with a view to banning these passengers travelling with us in the future,” the airline said.

This is just crazy on multiple levels. First and foremost, the seats are designed to be reclined and Thailand to Australia is a long haul flight. Apart from the meal service, it is completely acceptable to recline the seat, and if the passenger behind feels inconvenienced by that then that’s just too bad.

I wouldn’t put it beside the passengers involved that a certain level of intoxication also played a role in the drama, considering the origin and destination of the flight. It’s more than overdue that airline take a rigorous stand against disruptive passengers on board their flights.


If someone feels privileged and inconvenienced by another passenger reclining the seat then there is an easy solution for that, which is called booking Business Class, or in the very least Premium Economy. It’s beyond me how someone can book Economy Class on a low cost carrier such as Jetstar and then have expectations of comfort and luxury.

Situations can get out of hand, but in my opinion the best would have been to let the flight attendant handle it and tell the aggressive passenger in the back that he is out of line and the lady well within her rights to recline her seat. Of course that’s said easily from a distance without being in that situation when words and actions escalate quickly. Let’s hope at least that guy will be banned from future Jetstar flights.