National Car Rental Emerald Club Offers Status Match Promotion For AVIS/Hertz Elites


National Car Rental has opened a status match promotion through their acclaimed Emerald Club frequent renter program to match elite customers of AVIS and Hertz to their corresponding status levels.

national-status-matchThe promotion offers to match both Mid-Tier as well as Top-Tier members from Nationals competitors into the Emerald Club, a program that is also known for great annual promotions.

National has quietly risen to one of the best car rental companies in the U.S. over the past few years while the competition (especially Hertz) has watered down their service and frequent renter programs.

Even better that they now offer the Emerald Club Status Match which you can access here.

The landing page then requires you to select your program in which you currently hold status.



You can select either program but for obvious reasons I suggest you select the one in which you currently have the highest status to be matched to an equivalent level.

national-documentYou are required to submit proof of your status, either in the form of an account statement or the membership card.

As I submitted my Hertz details and neither the card or the account statement shows the validity of the status, it’ll be interesting to see if National accepts these documents. It’s likely that they will since it’s well known that Hertz issues their membership materials like that.


This promotion comes at the right time for me. I’ve been with Hertz for 15 years now but can say that I’m not happy anymore at my most frequent rental locations in California. Presidents Circle used to get great cars especially when reserving Full Size but now they have reshuffled their car categories to a ridiculous degree to the point where even a Toyota Camry is considered a luxury vehicle and therefore outside the upgrade pool as you get upgraded one category to the maximum level of a full size car. Since Hertz prices the categories Standard and Full Size exactly the same whenever I reserve a car the benefit of Presidents Circle is zero for me.

I’m happy to try National Emerald Club as soon as the Status Match is confirmed to see if the grass is greener on their side of the fence. I have heard positive things from friends who use National frequently and I can’t imagine it to be worse than Hertz.

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