Whine Wednesdays: False Fire Alarms At Hotels?


This week Whine Wednesdays deals with an issue that many frequent travelers face several times a year.

Nothing beats a fire alarm going off at an oddly hour and staying on for a long time like what just happened to me earlier this morning at a dumpy hotel (James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor) here in Wellington (the capital of New Zealand).


These fire alarms going off are so frequent that I rarely pay any attention to them (I just kept laying on the bed this alarm blasting off for 20 or so minutes). Had this been a real fire…….

Not sure if there could be a better way for hotels to ensure that when these alarms do go off they would let the guests know sooner whether there really is a situation or not.

The current situation is not ideal. These go off so often that frequent travelers assume that it is yet another false one.