Bloomberg: Delta Airlines Executive Chairman & Former CEO Richard Anderson Steps Down After Serving Five Months

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Bloomberg has reported that Richard Anderson has resigned from his post as Executive Chairman at Delta Airlines which he assumed just five months ago.


The position followed Anderson’s successful career as Delta CEO though it has has now ended very abruptly.

Industry and company insiders say Mr. Anderson’s departure from his position as Executive Chairman of Delta Airlines might be due to health reasons.

You can access the respective Bloomberg article here.

Delta Air Lines Inc. said Richard Anderson retired from the executive chairman position he has held since stepping down as chief executive officer at the beginning of May.

Frank Drake, the former CEO of Home Depot inc. who has been on Delta’s board since July 2014, will become non-executive chairman, the Atlanta-based airline said Tuesday in a statement. A Delta spokesman said the company wouldn’t comment beyond the statement.

Anderson served as the carrier’s CEO from August 2007 to May this year, stepping down at age 61. Ed Bastian, who succeeded Anderson, said at the time that he planned to look abroad to further Anderson’s efforts to make Delta a more global carrier.

Anderson made Delta a highly successful carrier, steering it through very turbulent times with fights against the competition from the domestic and overseas market. Especially the latter have made Anderson (in)famous in recent years with his aggressive style in regards to the Middle East (ME3) carriers Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways which he accused to distort the market through subsidies they obtain from their respective governments.


CEO’s make controversial decisions during their career  but whatever the reasons for his departure might be, hopefully Mr. Anderson will have a healthy future ahead and the company will certainly keep him in good memory.