Hyatt Further Cheapens The Brand: Now With Offshore Call Centers In The Philippines!


Hyatt’s constant race to the bottom continues and management doesn’t seem to fear any measure is too drastic to cut costs on the customers expense as you will notice when calling Hyatt Reservations.


I had to ring Hyatt three times in the past 2 weeks and was a bit surprised when I didn’t get the usual U.S. call center anymore but instead agents with an accent that I instantly identified as coming from the Philippines.

You might notice that when you call Hyatt Reservations yourself under 1-800 400 2261 that at times you won’t hear the usual menu to select your point of contact but the call will immediately go through to an agent.

hyatt-reservationsI usually use Skype to call various reservation hotlines while traveling since most of them are 1-800 toll free numbers in the U.S. anyway.

Just an hour after talking to the lady in the offshore center today (she actually confirmed that the location of the call center is in the Phil’s) I called the hotline again and got the familiar selection for Reservations and Gold Passport Customer Service. It might be that this is an overflow in case the regular lines are busy but I wouldn’t put it beside Hyatt to eventually fully switch to offshore services.

Why is this important? Because of the quality and competence of the call center agents. I called them today because I had an issue with the Grand Hyatt Berlin (which is a disaster of a hotel – i ended up cancelling half of my stay here) and asked the lady to connect me to customer care. Then I was on hold for like 6 minutes and ended up talking to someone at the property itself where I was actually sitting in the lobby.


Hyatt appears to be cutting corners every left and right. Offshore Call Centers in the Philippines are just a notch above India and they just can’t compete with trained agents in the U.S. or Europe. The result is getting annoyed and frustrated customers.

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