British Airways Pilot Suspended For Sex Acts In Cockpit

British tabloids the Sun and the Daily Mail had a run today on juicy British Airways piece where captain hag gone to extra lengths to pleasure himself on Boeing 777.


The photos that are published on the Sun show the captain on stockings with some personal parts out on view. Apparently he took some photos and must have shared those on “social” networks.

You can access the Daily Mail piece here and the Sun one here.

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail:

British Airways has suspended a pilot after pictures emerged of a man in stockings appearing to pleasure himself at the controls.

Although father-of-one Colin Glover denies he is the person in the photos, the airline that has employed him for 26 years has seen fit to temporarily relieve him of his duties.

The snaps, believed to be taken on at least two different planes, show the stocking-clad figure with his legs up on the steering controls, while others include a man exposing himself in the toilets, and a pornographic magazine on the dashboard.

And here’s an excerpt the Sun:

The airline confirmed yesterday it was probing the images — and whether they were taken feet from passengers mid-flight.

BA said: “We are taking these allegations extremely seriously.”

A senior airline source said investigators would examine whether the images could have been shot in a flight simulator.

One of the serial numbers visible — GYMMB — is used on BA’s simulators. But it is also registered to a twin-engine Boeing.

The other — GVIIL — is also one of the 777 fleet used by BA.

Airline expert Chris Yates said yesterday: “This is very dangerous if the plane is in mid-flight.


This really put the slogan “to fly, to serve” onto a different light as well as the fact that this apparently happened in the cockpit…

Obviously if these photos were taken at a flight simulator (paid by BA) and not mid-flight would be less serious offense. People have their fetishes but why take photos and then share them with others?

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