Compensation Clinic: Arrival Woes & Disorganization At The Grand Hyatt Bali


Our weekly edition of the Compensation Clinic features the Grand Hyatt Bali today where I experienced some problems during a brief stay last month.

cc-gh-baliThe issues ranged from the arrival experience both at the airport and the hotel up to the departure where the hotel failed to notify about a lost & found item (passport).

I’ve been visiting Bali for years and even though the Grand Hyatt Bali was the first property I stayed at on the island back in 2007 I eventually shifted to the Bali Hyatt in Sanur which is currently under construction and expected to re-open late 2017 as a Hyatt Regency.

Since I didn’t really want to wait until then I decided last month to give the Bali Hyatt a try again and booked 2 nights as Cash & Points as well as used a Diamond Suite Upgrade for a Grand Suite there.

I always pre-arrange the transfer from the hotel even though it’s a bit more expensive than a taxi but it’s usually much easier and the cars know already where to go. Hyatt offers to order the transfer through the E-concierge function.

Upon arrival at Denpasar the Grand Hyatt representative was nowhere to be seen. Now the arrivals hall is the usual touristic mess so I made a sweep twice to see if he was there, to no avail. I then called the Hyatt via my cellphone and they contacted the transfer representative who showed up 15 min later. When asked where he was he pointed to a spot behind a coffee shop, far away from where the other reps are located and in a dead corner. Odd!

Transfer to the hotel was uneventful and rather quick thanks to the new monstrosity of a motorway.

Arrival at the hotel driveway started with the usual security check which is fine, calms people down who believe these checks are actually improving their safety (which they don’t). At the entrance the first hotel representative asks for your name to enter into an application on the ipad. Even a very simple name is too much for these people to understand and type in correctly, I asked her politely to forget about it and I will deal with the check-in at the reception desk.

Arriving at the hotel entrance the next employee comes with an ipad at which point I already declined and said ‘Thank you, we check in at the desk’. Why all this nonsense? It’s totally plausible that the staff has trouble understanding the names and typing them correctly so it won’t lead to a match anyway.

At the front desk I was told to go to the Club Lounge in order to check in there which I don’t like at any hotel if I’m already there and gave them my passport. Especially since it was hot, humid and we were wearing long jeans I wasn’t in the mood to go to the Club and rather get the check-in over with. It took them over 20 min to complete the check-in. Unbelievable!

The suite assigned as a Diamond member had a beautiful view – to an alley full of Motorcycles. At this point I lost it and talked to the Hotel Manager who promised to arrange a different room at the other part of the hotel area (the property is partitioned into three ‘villages’ that are actually quite big. We showered and changed in the meanwhile, then went to the beach before it got completely dark after already wasting ~ 70 minutes with simple check-in procedures.

During this room change one of our passports incl Passport Wallet was left behind on the desk in the Suite where we also left all baggage for the staff to move (we left after waiting 25 min for them). The staff later found that passport but neither notified me they had it or in any other way made sure I get it back. I only noticed it once arriving at the next hotel (Laguna Luxury Collection next door).

Here is the reply of the hotel:

Thank you for your note.

At the outset please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience in regard to the passport. I understand that our team should have handed over to you directly as soon as they found the passport instead of kept it in our safety box as they would like to return your passport on your departure which also failed to give it to you.

I understand that your current stay booking is under GP award at cost of US$ 75 plus Diamond Suite upgrade which equal to 6,000 points, as a gesture of our sincerity and for the inconvenience caused, we will arrange a complimentary drop transfer to Laguna Resort Nusa Dua today, pick up transportation at cost of IDR, 390,000 net has been waived from your folio and we will credit 6,000 Points to your HGP membership.

Not sure what he was talking about in regards to the transfer but I used an UBER and paid for it myself. The hotel credited the 6,000 Gold Passport Points back to the account and also waived the transportation charge from the airport (24$) as well as a refund of the Diamond Suite Upgrade.


I decided to cancel the second night at the Hyatt after the initial incidents and instead chose to stay longer at the Laguna which is a fantastic property (though the beach is a bit less desirable).

The passport was eventually picked up by the concierge of the Laguna who didn’t even charge for it (I gave the guy a 20$ tip instead). The Hyatt should have offered to bring it over in my opinion.


Some of these resort hotel are simply exhausting. It’s not the first time for me visiting Bali, I think I stayed at Bali Hyatt a dozen times and burned about 400k Gold Passport points there and it was never that horrible. The mechanisms which the Grand Hyatt Bali has in place aren’t working at all.

The compensation is fine but if this would have been a revenue rate instead of a Cash&Points I’d have elected not to pay for this stay at all. Anyway in this case at least it earned a stay credit and some base points. The beach at the Grand Hyatt is very nice and the area well up kept, good for relaxing once you’re settled in.

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