S7 Airlines Again Available For Award Bookings On British Airways’ Website

British Airways has had a rocky year when it comes to booking some partner awards on its website.


Back in June, the airline removed the ability to book some Cathay Pacific and Dragonair awards within seven days of departure and in July made S7 awards disappear altogether, although one could continue to book them over the phone.

Now, S7 Airlines are back on BA.com:


The S7 airlines awards now come up in the regular search results when space in economy or business class is available.


British Airways claims “fraud” to be the issue for disappearance of some of the partner awards. I would say that the most likely reason, however, is the unwillingness to pay for partner award space.

I rarely book my award flights more than a few days in advance and would rather not waste my time calling the airlines to have them booked over the phone. I would rather bank my miles with programs that allow me to book and issue awards online.

Let’s hope that the issue with Cathay Pacific and Dragonair short notice awards will correct itself in due course.

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