Whine Wednesdays: Marketing Survey Avalanche After Interactions With Travel Providers

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It’s another Whine Wednesday here at LoyaltyLobby and this week we will talk about marketing emails that you automatically receive after interacting with travel providers such as airlines, hotel chains and OTA.

ww-surveysMany providers have an automated process in place that will send surveys to customers after each interaction but is this always a good idea?

Online surveys have become a very common marketing tool for companies from all ways of life as they are cheap, easy to target and very efficient to analyze.

For the customer however they can quickly become annoying once emails with surveys start arriving like the floodgates have been opened. Even more so when the most recent interaction hasn’t been a normal transaction but rather an inquiry to the companies customer relations department due to some issues that might or might not have been resolved yet.

The best example was when I contacted British Airways Customer Relations about my most recent flight interruption from London to Bangkok and while the matter (EC 261 Compensation) is still unresolved pending further review from BA’s side this didn’t stop them from sending me a survey.

Not necessarily a good move in my opinion until a matter is fully resolved especially if the initial situation was a rather negative experience.

One of the other providers the frequently sends out surveys is Expedia from pretty much all country sites.

expedia-surveyUnless there is some incentive to fill out these surveys I rarely participate in them to be honest. It rarely takes just a few moments of your time if you’re honestly completing it in a way where you really read all questions properly.


Companies should take it easy and don’t send out emails for every single transaction and interaction you do with them because it leads to customers becoming annoyed by these marketing communications and just put them in the trash bin.

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