Dragonair Rebrands As Cathay Dragon Effective November 21, 2016

Cathay Pacific made an announcement earlier this year that Dragonair branding would change to Cathay Dragon later on 2016 and this date is now set to November 21, 2016.


Dragonair begin its life as an independent airline but in 1990 Cathay Pacific’s parent and close partner acquired 89% share of the airline.

You can access Cathay Pacific’s website for Cathay Dragon here.

Cathay Pacific has used Dragonair to fly mainly to mainland (China) and regional destinations. There are destinations, however, that are served by both airlines. Dragonair has been an affiliate of Oneworld alliance.

Dragonair has taken over some of the regional (read lower yield) routes from its parent.


I guess that the Dragonair employment contracts and/or work rules are better than Cathay Pacific’s ones. Why would they otherwise keep this separate brand?

You have Cathay Pacific and you have Cathay Dragon. Bit confusing from the branding perspective, although there are really no differences on the service side. Some argue that service is actually better on Dragonair flights compared to Cathay Pacific ones.

I recently flew from Penang to Hong Kong on Dragonair’s business class. I had had few too many adult beverages the night before (Penang pub crawl) and slept through the entire flight. Couldn’t have tell the difference between the airlines beyond FA uniforms.

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