Invitation For Short Q&A With Hyatt Gold Passport’s Jeff Zidell – Check Your Email!


Hyatt Gold Passport has sent invitations via email to a select group of members to participate in a (really short) Q&A session via Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) with their VP Jeff Zidell on November 16th.


The invitation emails go out in batches (I have received mine about a day later than a friend) and I would assume they went to different demographics, not only Diamond members.

Hyatt recently announced that they would transform their so far decent loyalty program Hyatt Gold Passport into ‘World of Hyatt’ and vigorously put the screws on the qualification requirements for their status levels, especially the new top tier level Hyatt Globalist.

John wrote an article about the new Hyatt Gold Passport revamp a couple weeks ago (access here).

After unveiling their new program structure people across various loyalty boards and frequent traveler platform were outraged and said that these new requirements of 60 nights to obtain and 55 nights to requalify for top tier would make them switch programs in the coming year.

Here is the email as it arrived sometime last night in my inbox.

When we designed World of Hyatt, your new loyalty program, we started with you. We heard what makes your experiences better, more meaningful, and tailored the program to meet those needs so you can expect the exceptional.

So it’s fitting that we invite you to join Jeff Zidell, SVP of Hyatt Loyalty, and other fellow members, as he answers questions about your new loyalty program during a special Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on November 16 at 12 pm CT. It’s a unique opportunity to get first-hand answers to your questions directly from the source.

Mark your calendars to save the date and see below to learn how to participate.

I’m not sure if that wording is a bad joke and if so it certainly hits the spot. Calling the changed made ‘More meaningful and to improve the experience’ is absolutely out of touch with reality.

The Q&A will go as follows:



30 Minutes is a very short window for a Q&A session. I don’t like that you have to register for this platform in order to ask questions either but given Hyatt’s disastrous IT department I’m not surprised they came up with the simplest solution (for them).

Furthermore questions will be ‘selected’ that means a good amount of legitimate questions and scaring criticism will likely not be publicly answered.

In any way, if you are interested in this you might want to check your email if you received the invitation from Hyatt or alternatively you can let us know if you have specific questions and I will submit them. Again I have to emphasize that the questions answered will be selected by Mr. Zidell so I don’t think we won’t be able to select a catalogue of concerns and get a statement. Maybe you can put your concerns in the comments and I pick the top two!?


It’s hard to say what Hyatt’s motivation behind this measure is besides simple market research. They managed to outrage and alienate a large part of their Hyatt Diamond customer base and now try to do damage control with a warm handshake?

Interestingly enough just a few hours before this email came in I inquired with Hyatt about another matter to requalify for Diamond in early 2017 as (based on my current account stats – I’d still need 7 stays or 10 nights) this might be more lucrative for me. I will write more about this today or tomorrow.

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