Lufthansa Complimentary FlyNet Internet Coupon Between Germany And Select China/Hong Kong Routes

Lufthansa has a new campaign offering coupons for a brief period of complimentary onboard internet on routes between Germany and Mainland China as well as Hong Kong.

lufthansa-flynetThe coupons can be applied for online and are good for a short period of 15 Minutes which isn’t very long but sufficient to download/send a few emails.

Lufthansas onboard internet system called FlyNet is now run by Panasonic and offers a pretty stable connection when flying over areas where the use of Data isn’t restricted.

You can access the landing page to order the complimentary code here.

It can then be used for 15 Minutes worth of Internet on the outlined routes:


The code is valid on flights between Lufthansa’s gateways in Germany Frankfurt/Munich) and Mainland China (Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao) as well as Hong Kong.

Should you wish to use FlyNet for a longer duration it’s also possible to purchase bundles for a specific time or even a flat rate for the entire flight priced at 17 EUR which is reasonable given the proper speed.

On Board Internet pricing and network quality varies greatly between airlines and you should always make sure that you’re not being charged by data volume as Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways do it.


15 minutes of internet connection is really not much but certainly enough to send out a few emails or update your inbox as well as checking your social media accounts.

Of course Lufthansa wants to entice people to upgrade their plan and purchase additional online volume but that’s entirely up to you. I tend to only purchase it on daytime flight when I don’t sleep anyway and the flight are pretty long.

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