TransAsia Airways Rumored To Be Insolvent & To Cease All Operations Effective November 22nd 2016


Taiwan based TransAsia Airways is rumored to be insolvent and to cease all operations effective tomorrow, November 22nd 2016 while the airline itself stays silent about the matter.

a330-transasiaIn the meanwhile it appears the carrier has ended ticket sales to all destinations through their website and other channels by electronically eliminating availability on their flights.

TransAsia themselves have so far not commented publicly on the matter and their website doesn’t show any information, It is however rumored in aviation industry circles close to the Taiwanese Civil Aeronautics Administration that this is indeed the case.

It would explain why it’s no longer possible to purchase tickets to any destination on TransAsia which is a very popular airline in Taiwan.

transasia-flightAbove result is the same for any day and any destination beginning tomorrow. If you want to check you can verify on the TransAsia website (access here).

An email with a verification request we sent to the Taiwanese CAA has so far not been returned (it’s already evening in Taiwan).

What should you do if you hold tickets on TransAsia Airways in the coming days?

When an airline ceases operations it means that no aircraft will move anymore and passengers currently holding tickets, no matter if at home or abroad, are on their own.

If you hold a ticket on TransAsia you should look after alternative transportation as soon as possible and fix those after you have verified that your ticket is indeed void and worthless at this point.

Ideally you can consult a travel insurance that you either purchased separately or that is included as part of your credit card.

If you purchased your tickets by credit card you can file for a refund through your bank/credit card company as a chargeback due to service not received. Customers who paid cash or to their travel agent might be out of luck though if there is no insurance involved.


Ticketed passengers should keep themselves updated in the next 24 hours but it doesn’t look good at this point.

As soon as we have additional information we will update this post as well.

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