Reader Question: Hilton HHonors Points Purchase Promo Not For My Account?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email regarding Hilton HHonors points purchase promo that I wrote about last week (read more here).


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You can access Hilton’s web page for points purchases here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I thought I’d share an experience that I’ve recently had with Hilton which unfortunately seems to be not too uncommon.

Upon receiving the notification of the special offer to purchase 80,000 HHonors, I called Hilton customer service and spoke with a representative. I was told that this was a special that is only offered once per year. So I plunked down the $400 for the 80,000 HHonors points. Then up pops the offer to buy 50% discount with purchase limit raised to 160,000. You can imagine my surprise.

I contacted Evonne, a manager with guest assistance. She basically told me that I should never trust what I am told by a Hilton representative and that no one at Hilton ever knows when another one of these specials may be offered.

When I explained that I felt the 160,000 HHonors should be honored since I was given misinformation, she refused.

I have a lot of HHonors built up right now which I intend to use as soon as possible and then move on. It’s not that I won’t use the Hilton chain in the future, it’s just that they have lost my loyalty as a customer, and they have lost their place in line as my first choice in hotels for both business and pleasure.

The point purchase offers come and go (we write about them here on LoyaltyLobby frequently). Hilton HHonors sells points several times a year either with 100% or 50% off (same price really). They do have other offers throughout the year with lesser bonus or discount. We always tell readers that they then should wait for a better offer.

Hilton HHonors has recently had targeted offers (the latest one is apparently targeted as well) some with higher allowed purchase limit. I doubt that the people manning the Hilton HHonors customer service line really are aware of these point purchase promotions and what individual purchase limits might be.

You really paid 0.5 cents for each point purchased. The only difference is that you were able to purchase 80,000 points instead of 160,000 (some accounts had raised yearly purchase limit – myself included).

There will be new offers to purchase Hilton HHonors points in due course and the yearly maximum resets on January 1, 2017.


We try to give advice to readers when they should buy and when wait for a better offer to surface. Many programs nowadays run targeted or “mystery” offers for buying points or miles and some also have raised limit. Most of these campaigns are actually handled by company called

Obviously the Hilton HHonors representatives should be better informed what is going on but they rarely are when it comes to these points sales.

Reader paid the same price per point as under this new offer but was able to only buy 80,000 instead of 160,000. I wouldn’t get too much worked over. There will be opportunities to buy more early next year.

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