Compensation Clinic: British Airways Flight Delay & EC 261/2004 Compensation


This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from a delayed British Airways London Heathrow to Amsterdam flight that yours truly experienced two weeks ago.


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Here’s what happened:

I was ticketed on BA444 from London Heathrow to Amsterdam two weeks ago. The flight was scheduled to arrive Amsterdam just before 10PM on a Sunday night but ended up arriving way past 2AM on Monday morning.

The captain explained that there were several issues “computer says” and they were trying to fix them without success. We ended up switching a plane (surprised that they found another A321).

This is a clear case for the EC 261/2004 compensation. Mechanical delays are not extraordinary circumstance by the law.

While waiting for another delayed flight to take off on Thursday from Madrid to Porto, I finally decided to do the compensation request to BA.

It is quite a surprise that they don’t have choice for EC 261/2004 delay compensation using the online form while they have for expenses incurred due to delays. I chose this option, marked it as EC 261/2004 and uploaded the info about the delay.

I was surprised to receive the following email the following day:



Really surprising that British Airways customer relations are able to process EC 261/2004 claims in bit more than a day. The legislation at this point, however, is very clear what is the compensation and the eligibility.

I paid $130 or so for this airline ticket but would have preferred to rather sleep few hours on that flight. I decided that it was not worth going to hotel for three hours (had morning flight out) and ended up typing away at the Starbucks for couple of hours instead before the BA lounge opened in the morning.

I’ll hope that the other passengers on this BA444 got their claims in and 250 euros each soon to their bank accounts.

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