Priority Pass 35% Discount Off Membership Fee For VISA Cardholders – One Year Unlimited Lounge Visits For US$299


Priority Pass has a promotion for VISA Cardholders offering 35% off the membership fee for the first year including their unlimited pass which is offered for a total of $299.


As they offer three different types of memberships of which only two really make sense you have a choice to make a pick to be independent of airline lounges for a year.

While some airlines making it increasingly more difficult to obtain elite status many customers ask themselves if there are more practical options to access airport lounges other than frequent flyer status.

You can access the Priority Pass landing page for the 35% Off Visa Card Promotion here.

With Priority Pass you have access to over 850 airport lounges worldwide and a choice of three membership plans to suit your particular traveling needs.

Now Visa cardholders can enjoy up to 35% discount on your first year’s Priority Pass membership. 

Whichever plan you choose, Priority Pass provides access to airport lounges at a significant saving over business class fares.

Back in June I wrote a detailed article about the product that Priority Pass offers (access here).

There are three types of memberships offered of which to a paying customer only two make sense. Either the Standard Plus Membership that offers 10 visits for 249 USD (24,90$ per visit) or the Prestige Membership with unlimited visits for 399 USD per year (all prices without a discount). It makes absolutely no sense to pay 99 USD for the Standard membership alone and not have any visits included, though this option is often offered as a free membership with many mid tier credit cards. You would then just pay the 27$ per visit.


What I like about the unlimited membership is you don’t think twice about using the lounge because you will have to pay for it. Nobody would pay a 27$ admission just to stay 10 mins for a coffee and a small snack, you can get that cheaper at any Starbucks or other vendor inside the terminal.

The offer which is available this time around with 35% off results in prices of US$ 186.00 for the Standard Plus membership (10 visits included) and US$ 299.00 for the unlimited pass. Validity of the membership at this rate is 12 months.

pp-plansAgain, you have to do the math here how often you are likely to visit a lounge. In 2010 I purchased one of the unlimited memberships and got a great promotion of 270$ for 15 months of membership and used it a lot. At the end of the period I estimated having used the card about 95 times. This included frequent visits to landside lounges such as the Luxx Lounge (formerly American Airlines Admirals Club) in Frankfurt and the ReLAX Lounge at Los Angeles TBIT while having meetings at the airport.

The promotion outlines that cards have to be issued in Asia Pacific but reliable sources told me it’s also possible to purchase the membership with international cards.


I think that the unlimited Priority Pass makes a lot of sense if you travel a lot through airports that have attractive lounge options or if you fly airlines that do not offer you lounge access such as Low Cost Carriers or even airlines like SilkAir where you only get lounge access as KrisFlyer Gold.

For longer visits the Standard Plus membership could make sense but even then US$18.60 per visit is rather steep if you ask me. I’d rather spend the money on a proper restaurant outlet than to pay such a price for a lounge visit of 30-60 minutes. Of course there are sometimes things you can’t put a price tag on such as being able to access the internet in critical situations or to take a shower during a super long delay. That’s why I prefer the Unlimited Membership for myself since it doesn’t leave me in the situation to occupy myself with the ‘Is it worth it?’ question.

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