Reader Question: Short Of Marriott Nights – Mobile Check In & Not Showing Up?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding booking a prepaid stay with Marriott and doing a mobile check in to get a night credit.


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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m a few nights short of requalifying for Gold. Been trying to look through options to get my nights. Would you or someone know if Marriott’s mobile check in counts as a stay if you do not infact stay? I had a stay once where I mobile checked in before landing and hit a weather issue with the airline so they cancelled and i still got billed however cannot recall if I got stay credit or points for the charge. Its too old for me to research at this point.

If I found a cheap rate at a random lower tier Marriott brand and use the mobile app to book and check in, does that qualify you for the night and points as credit? I’m trying to find a cheaper way to hit it rather than burning points at a local cheap marriott brand to hit my nights. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I certainly wouldn’t count that merely booking and checking in using the mobile app would count it as a qualifying stay.

You perhaps could have better luck by booking a room and have someone else checking in as a second guest (need to do this over the phone or let the hotel know) to have it count as a stay. It should not count but likelihood of it working is greater than 50%.

Marriott Rewards often extends the elite status for an additional year even when you don’t hit the official night qualification criteria. This is especially true if you have had several years with high night count with them. My Platinum status was extended for several years in a row at some point even when I failed to do the 75 nights.

Other option is to buy back (read more here) your status (if they downgrade your) as long as Marriott continues the promotion (they have run it for years). Buying back Gold status costs 25,000 points (and you can buy the points during the current SPG points sale and convert to Marriott at 1:3 ratio – read more here).

The reader could do Gold challenge next year when the status would be then valid until 2018 (as long as Marriott continues these). You can read more about it here.


There are quite a few options to keep Marriott Rewards Gold status but the reader’s plan is unlikely to work. Better just buy back the status or do a status match/challenge in 2017.

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