Marriott Rewards Merchandise For Points Flash Sale Noon ET December 6, 2016

Marriott Rewards has an on-going “30 Days Members Get It” promotion (about to end) and part of it are three merchandise for points flash sales that started the other week.


The last sale will go live at noon ET today (Tuesday – December 6) and the products on sale have been released, although not ho much they cost using Marriott Rewards points.

You can access Marriott’s web page for this sale here.

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Note that the most popular products will sell out in few minutes. You should check the sale page exactly at noon if you wish to use any of your points.

Here are the products on sale this week:



I did some analysis last week (read more here) about what is the value of a Marriott Rewards points when used for these products sold during these “flash sale”. It was clear that the value was roughly 0.7 cents each when compared to what Amazon would have charged.

This is not the best use of points but if you don’t have any other use for them…..