Whine Wednesdays: Bathroom Amenities At Full Service Hotels Available On Request Only


Another week of our regular series Whine Wednesday and today we talk about Bathroom Amenities available at hotels that many properties have now changed to an ‘On Request’ option.

ww-amenitiesUsually full service hotels (especially in the 4-5 Star range) provide a full range of bathroom amenities but more and more properties lay out less of these products nowadays.

Instead of having the items readily available in the bathroom some (not all) hotels provide a list or simple notice to contact the guest services hotline when specific products are needed.

Usually you just notice these amenities are missing when you actually need them and look around to find them. If at that time you recognize the notice to call the service line it’s in the very least another 10 minutes until someone will bring the respective items to your room.

I stayed at a 5 Star rated Grand Hyatt hotel this week and found the same situation once again. There were some basic items (toothbrush, cotton pads, sanitary bag) and a list what would be available through the service hotline.


The list of available items is actually quite extensive and I give the hotel credit for providing it (even though a five star hotel should have certain things readily available.

On top of it all the room was a Grand Suite and there were two tiny bottles of soap (one body wash and one shampoo) available inside the shower. None around the bathtub.


When trying to judge this, I’m torn in between this being a cost cutting (penny pinching) measure on the side of the hotel or a direct result of the stereotype that guests grab everything that isn’t nailed down and stuff it in their pockets regardless if needed or not.

The base rate at this property is US$ 230 plus tax so they should certainly be able to afford restocking such small items. Though there is also the environmental aspect of wasting too many of these things without reason and this limits guests to only order items when they really need them. I just hate if I quickly need something and have to call down to order it and then get dressed in a way that allows me to accept the items from the staff.

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