Reader Question: Calculating How Many Points Earned From Hilton HHonors Promotions?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question about how points are calculated under the current Hilton HHonors triple points promotion.


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Here’s the question from the reader:

John, am trying to understand how many points will get under the Triple Points scenario.
Normally for $1 spent will get 10+5=15 pts (points and points). Am a gold member, 25% extra: 10+2.5+5=17.5. Under this Triple Points, is it: 3×10+2.5+5=37.5?

It is sometimes difficult to understand and calculate the number of points and miles one earns from Hilton stays due to the number of overlapping promotions that one can stack.

Here’s what posted to my recent stay at Hilton Shinjuku:


First you need to figure out what the rate is excluding taxes that Hilton uses to calculate the base points and then convert it to USD.

Here are the base earnings without promotions:

  • Base Points
  • Points + Points or Points + Miles
  • My Way bonus

As I pointed out earlier, you can stack multiple Hilton HHonors promotions and truly elevate your earnings (we call this bonus points bonanza).

  • Base earning (10 points per USD)
  • Triple Points for app bookings (20 points per USD) (read more here)
  • Double Points for bookings paid by Visa in APAC (10 points per USD) (read more here)
  • 5,000 bonus points for app booking paid using Visa (flat 5,000 bonus) (read more here)
  • Diamond VIP bonus (5 points per USD)
  • My Way bonus (flat 1,000 points)
  • Points + Miles ( 1 SQ mile per USD)
  • Triple SQ Miles Offer (2 additional SQ miles per USD) (read more here)

So, the reader’s calculation is correct but missing potential My Way bonus.

You always have to bear in mind that the bonus points are always calculated from the base amount without any other bonuses such as elite one factored in.


One can stack multiple Hilton HHonors promotions right now to have a bonus points bonanza that we haven’t seen for a while.

I really like that you can combine both bonus points AND miles promotions with Hilton HHonors. This really works for our favor and makes sense to have your earning preference set to Points + Miles whenever there is triple miles or higher promotion around.

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