Malaysia Airlines Chef On Call Dining Pre-Flight Selection – How To Order Your Meal?


After the last few rounds of the cheap Malaysia Airlines Business Class Specials we received a few requests from readers to explain how the Chef On Call dining service works.


Chef on Call allows First- and Business Class passengers to select from a wide array of dining options and order these prior to the flight on Medium- and Long Haul flights operated by Airbus A330/A380 & Boeing 777.

I really like airlines where you can pre-order your meal for the flight, especially flights that have off arrival and departure times and often have a very limited on board menu or where the quality of the meals is known to be not very good.

Back in October we had a Fabulous Friday about this topic (access here) where some meals were featured flying to and from Beijing on Malaysia Airlines as well.

Yesterday I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul again and while preparing for the trip I experienced some challenges with the Chef on Call service so I thought I let you know how it works.

You can access the entire Malaysia Airlines Business Class Chef on Call Menu here.

Download (PDF, 2.85MB)

I have flown Malaysia Airlines at least two dozen times in total now over the last two years and since they introduced their Chef On Call service I always pre-ordered my meals with them where offered.

Theoretically you can order your desired meal online by going through the link above that leads you to a form.


This time I got a variety of error messages at various stages of the process even though in the past I ordered successfully from that link so you might want to give it a try.

I resorted to an alternative as so often and emailed their Chef on Call Service at where they respond very quickly. Just forward your reservation to them as well as the menu choices that you picked from the pdf above.



They usually respond within a few hours and confirm your selection for the flights indicated.

Their on call menu is available to/from select destinations only:

Chef-on-Call is only available for First Class and Business Class passengers with confirmed tickets travelling to/from Kuala Lumpur and any of the following cities: London, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Incheon, Beijing, Shanghai, Narita and Kansai.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul leaves at 23:10h and is pretty much a breakfast flight upon arrival with the exception of the serving of Satay right after takeoff and some noodles/sandwiches. I can’t stand standard airplane breakfasts (even though the crepes on Malaysia Airlines are decent) so I decided to order a Filet Mignon.

Here is my meal from the recent Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight with the same Beef Filet order.


Often you can see a few jealous eyes of other passengers when they have to choose from the mediocre on board options while the steak is coming your way. 🙂


I really like this service of having the choice of selecting a premium meal ahead of time rather than being limited to the 2 or max 3 choices on board if they are not running out of your first choice to begin with.

The way to order these meals is easy enough, in fact using email is often easier then trying to mess around with the website especially if you order the same items most of the time and you can just copy/paste.

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