Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan & Virgin America Elevate Program Integration Begins (Airline Too)

Alaska Airlines’ purchase of Virgin America has now closed and the airline (Alaska) sent out information for Virgin America Elevate members about the coming changes (very little information yet).


Starting on December 19, 2016, Elevate members can start earning points on Alaska Airlines flights and and vise versa. More changes are coming on January 9 when Elevate members can have their status matched with Alaska and both can start using miles on each others flights.

You can access the Alaska’s website for these changes here.

Here are the changes announced today:


Here’s the email sent to Virgin America Elevate members:



It will be interesting to see how the integration of Virgin America to Alaska Airlines will play out in the end. The airlines couldn’t be more different regardless of how they are trying to spin it on the email sent to Virgin America Elevate members.

There is nothing wrong with Alaska Airlines that has carved itself a nice niche on the West Coast while Virgin America is sexier and have more transcontinental routes thrown in, although the airline is based in San Francisco.

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