Hilton HHonors Lifetime Diamond Status Requirements Published For 2017


Hilton HHonors has had unofficial lifetime Diamond status program since 2005 (read more here, here and here) and has now updated the requalification criteria for 2017.


Marriott, SPG and Hyatt has had well defined lifetime status programs for a long time while Hilton HHonors has kept their semi secret.

Here’s the link to the only lifetime Diamond page on Hilton’s website (access here).

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Here are the old requirements:

1. 10 years as a Hilton HHonors Diamond members (don’t need to be consecutive


2. 1,000 paid Hilton nights

Lifetime Diamond Status will be awarded to select HHonors members, who as of December 31st, 2014 have earned Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have completed stays totaling at least 1,000 paid nights pursuant to the standard HHonors Terms & Conditions. Once earned, standard HHonors Terms & Conditions apply. Lifetime Diamond Status is granted at the discretion of HHonors Worldwide, LLC and may be ended, or amended with or without notice or compensation, at HHonors’ sole discretion

And here are the new ones for 2017:

Lifetime Diamond qualifications:

  • Members who have maintained Diamond status for at least 10 years (years do not need to be consecutive)


  • Have stayed at least 1,000 nights – either paid or reward

*As you may know, only paid nights were eligible before.


  • Have accumulated 2 million Base Points since joining the Hilton HHonors program

*This is a new feature to enable more members to enjoy Lifetime Diamond status. Also as a reminder, only Base Points are eligible. Bonus Points earned via promotions, co-brand credit cards, or other means do not count towards status.

The only changes are that now:

1. Award nights also count towards the 1,000 night requirement


2. You can qualify on base points (2,000,000 = $200,000 spend) instead of nights

Members that meet the update lifetime criteria by January 2017 can expect to hear back from Hilton come February. Members can contact Hilton HHonors to inquiry what their number of nights, Diamond years, and base points are.


The number of nights required for the lifetime status are still on the high side considering what Marriott (750) and SPG (500) require. Something along the line of 750 nights would have been more appropriate.

Those that have very expensive stays can qualify based on the spend itself without having to get 1,000 nights in. They still, however, need to be a Diamond member for 10 years.

I will hit the SPG Platinum lifetime criteria of 500 nights (exceeded already) and 10 years as a Platinum members (will have my 10th year in 2017) next year and not that faraway from Marriott Platinum either. Seems that I would need 20+ years to hit lifetime Diamond status with Hilton, however.