Marriott eBreaks For December 29 – January 1, 2017 (20% Off This Coming Weekend)

Marriott has a good number of properties on their weekly eBreaks list this week, valid for stays this upcoming weekend (Thursday to Sunday).


These properties are usually in North America and the discount for booking the eBreaks offer should be around 20%.

You can access Marriott’s website for eBreaks here.

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Note that there is no page on for this rate type. I will, however, list all the properties here on LoyaltyLobby weekly with the Marriott provided headline eBreaks rates.

Thursday stays require a Friday night to be included and Sunday night stays require a Saturday night as well.  Marriott tries to prevent business travelers from taking advantage of this rate plan.



Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre  $103-$119 CAD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Edmonton North  $103-$107 CAD/night

Courtyard Hamilton  $147-$199 CAD/night
Courtyard London  $79-$107 CAD/night
Courtyard Waterloo St. Jacobs  $111 CAD/night
Delta Hotels Waterloo  $127-$151 CAD/night
TownePlace Suites London  $71-$119 CAD/night
TownePlace Suites Sudbury  $111-$127 CAD/night


Fairfield Inn & Suites Villahermosa Tabasco  $35 USD/night

United States


Courtyard Mobile  $79 USD/night
Courtyard Mobile Daphne/Eastern Shore  $63 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Mobile  $71 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Mobile Daphne/Eastern Shore  $71 USD/night
Residence Inn Mobile  $87-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Mobile  $71 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn Dothan  $79-$91 USD/nigh
Residence Inn Florence  $87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Tuscaloosa  $83-$91 USD/night


Courtyard Scottsdale North  $127-$135 USD/night
JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa  $287 USD/night
Phoenix Marriott Mesa  $95 USD/night
Residence Inn Tempe  $87-$127 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Chandler/Fashion Center  $82-$95 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Tempe/Airport  $95-$127 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Phoenix Goodyear  $135-$147 USD/night


Courtyard Fresno  $71-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Selma Kingsburg  $91-$103 USD/night
Residence Inn Fresno  $71-$87 USD/night

San Jose
Courtyard Fremont Silicon Valley  $79-$127 USD/night
Courtyard Milpitas Silicon Valley  $87-$135 USD/night
Courtyard San Jose Airport  $95-$127 USD/night
Courtyard San Jose Cupertino  $95-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Palo Alto Los Altos  $103-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn San Jose Airport  $95-$119 USD/night
SpringHill Suites San Jose Airport  $95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Milpitas Silicon Valley  $95-$143 USD/nigh

District Of Columbia

Washington Metro
Courtyard Alexandria Old Town/Southwest  $71-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Fairfax Fair Oaks  $71-$79 USD/night
Courtyard Washington Convention Center  $95-$151 USD/night
Courtyard Washington, DC/Foggy Bottom  $95-$159 USD/night
Courtyard Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol  $119-$143 USD/night
Crystal Gateway Marriott  $59-$90 USD/night
Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks  $79-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Potomac Mills Woodbridge  $72-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Strasburg Shenandoah Valley  $74 USD/night
Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park  $59-$87 USD/night
JW Marriott Washington, DC  $159-$255 USD/night
Marriott Marquis Washington, DC  $103-$127 USD/night
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel  $119-$183 USD/night
Residence Inn Arlington Capital View  $95-$155 USD/night
Residence Inn Washington, DC/Foggy Bottom  $95-$167 USD/night
Tysons Corner Marriott  $71-$103 USD/night
Washington Dulles Airport Marriott  $71 USD/night
Washington Dulles Marriott Suites  $79-$111 USD/night
Washington Marriott Georgetown  $95-$143 USD/night
Washington Marriott Wardman Park  $79-$127 USD/night


Melbourne-Cape Canaveral
Courtyard Melbourne West  $87 USD/night
Residence Inn Melbourne  $111-$115 USD/night

Courtyard Tallahassee Capital  $75-$91 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Tallahassee North/I-10  $79-$87 USD/night
Residence Inn Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol  $95-$107 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Kokomo  $87 USD/night
Courtyard Lafayette  $95-$103 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lafayette  $80 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Seymour  $75-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Terre Haute  $87-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Muncie  $79-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Bloomington  $87-$111 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Vincennes  $87 USD/night


Baton Rouge
Courtyard Baton Rouge Acadian Centre/LSU Area  $103-$115 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Baton Rouge Gonzales  $87-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Baton Rouge Gonzales  $83-$91 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Alexandria  $79-$87 USD/night
Residence Inn Lafayette Airport  $95-$123 USD/night


Fairfield Inn Bangor  $87 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Boston Raynham  $103-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Cape Cod Hyannis  $95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cape Cod Hyannis  $111-$127 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lenox Great Barrington/Berkshires  $231-$239 USD/night
Residence Inn New Bedford Dartmouth  $111-$127 USD/night
Residence Inn Springfield Chicopee  $111-$143 USD/night
Springfield Marriott  $95-$143 USD/nigh


Ann Arbor
Residence Inn Ann Arbor North  $103-$151 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Ann Arbor  $103-$111 USD/night


Fairfield Inn Saginaw  $71-$79 USD/night


Kansas City
AC Hotel Kansas City Westport  $119-$175 USD/night
Overland Park Marriott  $103-$143 USD/night

New York

Fairfield Inn & Suites Plattsburgh  $95-$111 USD/night

Courtyard Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square  $115-$215 USD/night
Residence Inn Syracuse Downtown at Armory Square  $119-$215 USD/night

North Carolina

Courtyard Charlotte Gastonia  $79-$99 USD/night

Raleigh Durham
Courtyard Durham Research Triangle Park  $75-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Raleigh Cary  $79-$107 USD/night
Courtyard Raleigh North/Triangle Town Center  $123-$131 USD/night
Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley  $127-$135 USD/night
Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel  $159-$239 USD/night
Residence Inn Durham McPherson/Duke University Medical Center Area  $143-$175 USD/night
Residence Inn Durham Research Triangle Park  $99-$131 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Fairfield Inn & Suites Ponca City  $63-$67 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Stillwater  $71 USD/night


Courtyard Portland Airport  $79-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Beaverton  $79-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Portland North Harbour  $87-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Southeast/Clackamas  $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Portland Tigard  $87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland Airport  $71-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland North Harbour  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland South/Lake Oswego  $87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Portland West/Beaverton  $79-$95 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland North/Vancouver  $103 USD/night
Residence Inn Portland South/Lake Oswego  $103-$111 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Portland Hillsboro  $95-$103 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Portland Vancouver  $87-$95 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Portland Hillsboro  $103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Portland Vancouver  $87-$135 USD/night

South Carolina

Courtyard North Charleston Airport/Coliseum  $99-$115 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Charleston Airport/Convention Center  $95-$111 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Charleston North/Ashley Phosphate  $99-$115 USD/night
Residence Inn Charleston North/Ashley Phosphate  $103-$111 USD/night

South Dakota

Sioux Falls
Courtyard Sioux Falls  $79-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Sioux Falls  $71-$83 USD/night
Residence Inn Sioux Falls  $83 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Sioux Falls  $71-$79 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Sioux Falls South  $71-$87 USD/night


Courtyard Knoxville Airport Alcoa  $79-$87 USD/night

Courtyard Memphis Germantown  $95-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Memphis Southaven  $107 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Memphis Germantown  $79-$87 USD/night
Marriott Memphis East  $135 USD/night
Residence Inn Memphis Germantown  $103 USD/night
Residence Inn Memphis Southaven  $99-$135 USD/night


Austin Marriott South  $79-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center  $127-$223 USD/night
Courtyard Austin Northwest/Arboretum  $72-$80 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Austin North/Parmer Lane  $68-$88 USD/night
JW Marriott Austin  $159-$255 USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Northwest/Arboretum  $80-$136 USD/night
Residence Inn Austin Round Rock  $79 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Austin North/Parmer Lane  $76 USD/night

Multiple Cities
Courtyard Beaumont  $111-$119 USD/night
Courtyard Brownsville  $79-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Laredo  $71-$75 USD/night
Courtyard Lufkin  $91-$95 USD/night
Courtyard San Marcos  $79-$95 USD/night
Courtyard Tyler  $79 USD/night
Courtyard Victoria  $83-$91 USD/night
Courtyard Wichita Falls  $87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Abilene  $67-$75 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Beaumont  $67-$79 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Bryan College Station  $79-$87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Fort Stockton  $88-$92 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Killeen  $71 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Laredo  $75-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Texarkana  $67-$83 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Victoria  $71-$79 USD/night
Residence Inn Harlingen  $87-$95 USD/night
Residence Inn Laredo Del Mar  $79 USD/night
Residence Inn San Angelo  $79 USD/night
Residence Inn Texarkana  $80-$84 USD/night
Residence Inn Tyler  $100 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Laredo  $75-$79 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Beaumont Port Arthur  $79-$87 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Killeen  $63-$67 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Laredo  $79 USD/night

SpringHill Suites Waco Woodway  $79-$111 USD/night


Norfolk-Virginia Beach
Residence Inn Norfolk Airport  $83-$115 USD/night

Williamsburg-Newport News
Fairfield Inn & Suites Williamsburg  $91-$99 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Hampton  $71-$103 USD/night


Multiple Cities
Courtyard Richland Columbia Point  $99-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Walla Walla  $107 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Seattle Bremerton  $79-$83 USD/night
Residence Inn Pullman  $79-$95 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Bellingham  $79-$87 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Kennewick Tri-Cities  $91-$103 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Bellingham  $87-$91 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Olympia  $87-$111 USD/night

Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Downtown  $79-$167 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Redmond  $79-$111 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Federal Way  $87-$103 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Kirkland  $79-$87 USD/night
Courtyard Seattle Southcenter  $95-$135 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Seattle Bellevue/Redmond  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tacoma Puyallup  $87 USD/night
Fairfield Inn Seattle Sea-Tac Airport  $79-$87 USD/night
Renaissance Seattle Hotel  $111-$223 USD/night
Residence Inn Seattle East/Redmond  $103-$119 USD/night
Residence Inn Seattle University District  $95-$191 USD/night
Seattle Marriott Redmond  $87-$119 USD/night
SpringHill Suites Seattle South/Renton  $71-$87 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Seattle South/Renton  $79 USD/night
TownePlace Suites Seattle Southcenter  $79 USD/night

Courtyard Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center  $79-$95 USD/night
Fairfield Inn & Suites Spokane Downtown  $79-$83 USD/night


You should always check other discount rates such as AAA and AARP if eligible as well.

Here are the terms and conditions of this rate plan:

  • Rates are per night. Thursday requires a Friday night stay. Sunday requires a Saturday night stay.
  • Rates are valid for dates specified in email at advertised hotels only.
  • eBreaks rates are exclusive to customers who subscribe to the eBreaks program. Therefore, these rates do not qualify for Marriott’s Look No further Best Rates Guarantee.
  • A limited number of rooms are available and will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Advance bookings are required and must be guaranteed with a credit card.
  • Rates are offered Thursday through Sunday Some hotels only offer eBreaks rates Friday- Sunday. These hotels indicated with an asterisk ( * ) next to rates.
  • Rates are standard room, per night and based on single are double occupancy.
  • Rates are non-commissionable and not include taxes, fees, or other costs or gratuities.
  • Rates cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and/ or discounts.
  • Does not apply to groups of 10 or more rooms.
  • Canadian cities are quoted in Canadian dollars and US cites are quoted in US dollars. All other destinations are quoted in currency listed.

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