The End (Of 2016) Is Near – Last Call To Check Your Accounts For Missing Stays/Miles For Elite Status Qualification


As the year is coming to a close once again it’s also the time when status counters will be reset and for most loyalty programs December 31st marks the point of the last qualifying elite transaction for 2016.


While a number of programs such as British Airways Executive Club have a flexible membership year based on your date of signing up most competitors count status qualifying activity Jan 1st to Dec 31st.

It’s important to go over all your programs and accounts shortly before the year closes to make sure no credits are missing and status (re)qualification is sealed as it’s sometimes easy to miss such details.

Maintaining status at different programs at the same time is always a balancing act that takes some effort to plan from the early stages as soon as the counters are reset on January 1st.

For me it has been a fairly easy year.

  • I will re-qualify for Hyatt Diamond this week with a last stay in Shanghai tomorrow.
  • SPG Platinum has been re-qualified with 30 stays (5 above the requirement)
  • Marriott Rewards Platinum was matched via Starwood Platinum
  • Hilton Diamond is secured via Credit Card Spend (20,000 EUR through the German HHonors Visa)
  • British Airways BAEC Gold has been re-qualified thanks to frequent Malaysia Airlines sales
  • Star Alliance Gold is still active with Lufthansa and the Turkish Airlines qualification period ends in March.

What I also do is try and think about a strategy for the coming year. For example unless Hyatt backpedals on their changes in which Diamond (Globalist) requires 55 or 60 nights, I will likely enjoy my last year of top tier status with them. It doesn’t make economic sense and would be a huge inconvenience for me to centralize all my stays into Hyatt and reward them for their customer-unfriendly changes.

Our target as participants of these programs is to come out ahead financially when outweighing our benefits. Don’t let yourself ride by emotions like ‘I want to keep that status; I had it for a long time’ because that’s when you lose out.


Just check your status counters real quick to make sure you are safe. Should you have travel coming up these past few days of 2016 I wish you well and that everything goes smooth for you to ring in the New Year in best spirit!

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