Reader Question: Grand Hyatt Bangkok Life Threatening Pool Chlorine Leak?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question about a life-threatening chlorine leak that had happened at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Bangkok.


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You can access Grand Hyatt Bangkok’s website here.

EDIT: Reader dropped me an email that this issue has been amicably solved with the property.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m writing from Thailand. Big fan of you!

You might see the headline. There was Chlorine leaks in the pool of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. Unfortunately, my mother was in the pool when it happened.

Having heart and bone misplace condition, she struggled to the exit and choked really badly. With heart condition, all this put her life at risk according to doctor. If she wasn’t lucky enough to be close to exit, things will get real serious.

I was contacted by the hotel that the cause was from a few minutes of power outage and machine resetting itself. Also, all medical bills from this incident will be taken care of. However, we believe this is the basic protocol. We do believe we deserve a lot of more compensation.

Do you have any advices for me?

Seems to have been quite an unfortunate event for your family at the Grand Hyatt in Bangkok. I am glad that the hotel has agreed to pay for all the medical bills related to this incident. It doesn’t, however, compensate for the time and potentially life threatening issue.

The right thing for the hotel would have been to comp the room where your mother was staying at the for the duration of your stay.

Other possible solution would have been to issue enough points as a compensation to achieve the same. You may have to speak with the General Manager or higher up at the hotel to get this resolved, however.


This certainly is one of the more serious issues that a reader has contacted me about. It is good that the hotel has agreed to pay for all the medical bills but it doesn’t make the family “whole”. The hotel should have comped the stay as well or issue enough points to make it right.

Sometimes hotels are hesitant to refund stays but will rather issue points. I guess that this is easier accounting wise and may perhaps come from a different budget.

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