InterContinental Royal Ambassadors Renewals & Upgrades 2017 (Post Your Success & Failures!)


IHG Rewards Club has kept many Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members anxious due to not upgrading Ambassador members to Royal Ambassador status (those that should have qualified based on their activity) and not extending previous members past the end of December 2016.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Renewal Main

This was all done due to program “relaunch” as it was described on the PDF released last summer. IHG Rewards Club has now processed the Royal Ambassador renewals and upgrades to qualified members based on their 2016 activity.

You can access IHG’s web page for Royal Ambassador status here.

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Royal Ambassador member whose status expires sometime in 2017 can enjoy the benefits until that date. If the status was not extended until the end of 2017, it means that the member didn’t meet the qualification requirements. IHG Rewards Club is now processing Royal Ambassador upgrades and extensions only once a year.

InterContinental Royal Ambassador Renewal

It is unclear if any of the status requirements were changed. I wish that readers whose status got extended as well as those who didn’t could post their 2016 activity on the comment section below.

Here are my 2016 numbers:

– 74 nights at 27 different InterContinental hotels of which one night was an award

– 4 nights at Holiday Inn Express

– 2 nights at Holiday Inn Resort

– 5 nights at Indigo

– 11 nights at Holiday Inn

– 15 nights at Crowne Plaza

That is 111 nights with IHG of which one was an award. Estimated spend somewhere around $13K – $15K.


Not sure what happens to those Ambassador members whose status expires during the year that would otherwise qualify based on their activity to Royal Ambassador status during the year end sweep? I guess that IHG just passes them?

It is unclear if IHG now only counts InterContinental nights towards the Royal Ambassador status or if other IHG nights are counted in as well.

Although Royal Ambassador status only applies to stays at InterContinental hotels, not counting other nights would incentivize members to stay at other chains in cities where InterContinental brand doesn’t have presence.

I hope that readers who did and didn’t get renewed/extended and those that became Royal Ambassador members would take the time and post their activity. I am trying to figure out if IHG has changed the qualification criteria or not. They have not gone for spend based program (could be a factor) because my InterContinental stays didn’t generate high enough revenue