Lufthansa Miles&More: Special Offer For Frequent Traveller (FTL) Status Members: Visit A Senator Lounge For 19 EUR In January/February 2017

Lufthansa has published a special offer targeting their Miles & More Frequent Traveller (Star Alliance Silver) status members to access the Senator Lounge for a fee of 19 EUR for the next 2 months.

Frequent Traveller (FTL) members have already access to the Business Class lounge when traveling on Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines and this offer is valid in Frankfurt and Munich only.

Traditionally, Lufthansa operates a variety of lounges:

  • Business Class Lounge/Frequent Traveler Lounge (For Business Class and Miles&More FTL Members)
  • Senator Lounge/First Class Lounge (For Star Alliance Gold/First Class Passengers)
  • Lufthansa First Class Lounge (For Lufthansa/Swiss First Class Passengers and HON Circle members on LH Group flights)

This special offer would allow the FTL Member to simply upgrade the lounge access to a Senator Lounge for the price of 19 EUR per visit.

You can access this Lufthansa website for the offer (in German, requires LH customer login).

There doesn’t seem an English Version available so let me break down for you what this advertises.

For just 19 Euro per entry you can enjoy a wide variety of food & beverage, more privacy and comfort. To take advantage of this offer you require a boarding pass valid for same day travel and your Miles&More frequent flyer card (if you actually need the physical card is debatable I guess since M&M offers a digital version as well but that isn’t mentioned here).

The offer is valid for Senator Lounges at the Frankfurt and Munich hubs of Lufthansa, other locations don’t participate in this promotion. To process payment please consult the Lufthansa lounge staff at the Senator Lounge reception desk (I presume this means the actual Lufthansa staff inside the lounge, not the greeters/boarding pass checkers outside who will likely refer you to them anyway).

Lufthansa reserves the right to suspend access through this promotion at peak times when the lounge is overcrowded (in which case some of these Frankfurt Lounges can be hell!).

In my opinion it’s very much possible that many staff, especially the boarding pass checkers haven’t heard of this offer so if you really want to take advantage of it, print it out.


I myself find the FTL lounges totally sufficient to wait for a limited time. If you already have lounge access there I can’t really see how the Senator Lounge would warrant a 19 EUR surcharge for a short waiting period.

It doesn’t make much sense other than fun for those who like airport lounges so for sure some members would probably like to have the experience of the Senator Lounge for themselves. 19 EUR isn’t an outrageous amount so I can absolutely see a few people taking advantage of this, sure why not!?

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