Whine Wednesdays: Hotels With ACs That Are ON / OFF Only


The comfortable room or airline cabin temperature is often dependent what one has used to (can be cultural too) and seems that there is no consensus on this issue.

Whine Wednesdays Hotels With ACs That Are ON OFF Only

Some are comfortable sleeping with 25+ Celsius temperatures while others need something below 20. My personal preference is somewhere between 20 to 21, although can sleep colder as well. Hotter and I sweat and find it very uncomfortable.

Today, I am spending a night at the Holiday Inn Resort in Phuket (not my favorite hotel here but needed something walkable in Patong) and have great issues with the AC. I have had this very same issue at some other hotels as well.

You can basically either turn the AC ON or OFF but there is nothing else in between. You can theoretically choose the room temperature but it doesn’t work and the AC is directly blowing to the bed.

This is not an issue if one has a suite. I would just leave the AC on in the living room and turn it off in the bedroom. Just keep the door open between the rooms and the temperature is usually fine. I do this too when the AC is too noisy to sleep.


The comfortable room or cabin temperature is often thorny issue. Why hotels that supposedly have these controllable systems have them run ON/OFF only where getting comfortable room temperature is basically impossible (too hot or too cold).

When the AC runs it is soon too cold and if you turn it off it is too hot in 30 minutes. At least the cold blow keeps me awake but difficult to get sleep in this heat or cold

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