Bloomeberg Businessweek: “Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky?”

Bloomberg Businessweek run this week an interesting article called “Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky” that is worth spending few minutes reading.

Businessweek Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky

The article deals with founding of the airline to how many metric tons of water is stored on the A380 for the first class shower experience (more than two).

You can access the Businessweek article here of which below is an excerpt:

Female cabin crew, referred to invariably as “girls,” are to tie their hair back in tight buns, preferably secured by a scrunchie in Emirates-brand red. For makeup, a seven-step process is recommended, starting with foundation and concealer, then moving on to lipstick, also in preauthorized shades of crimson. At the back of Mizzi’s classroom are two display racks of Emirates-approved emollients for “body shaping,” “firming,” “wrinkle control,” and “luminosity.

The same goes for the airborne showers in first class, requiring planes to take off with 2.2 metric tons of water, which Clark has said he had to “work conspiratorially” behind the backs of skeptical Airbus executives to develop. Since Clark took over, Emirates has several times set aircraft order records, culminating in a 2013 deal worth $99 billion at list prices.

Still, the strains of growth are apparent. The airport, which has only two runways and is hemmed in by development, can become severely congested at peak times, and the move to Dubai World Central is probably a decade away. On Skytrax, which aggregates customer reviews of airlines, Emirates gets an average of 6 out of 10 as fliers complain about inconsistent service across its sprawling network, a score lower than that of budget carrier EasyJet. (Skytrax nonetheless named Emirates its top airline of 2016, an award that draws on separate data.)


This Businessweek piece is rather long story in today’s world but worth reading if you are flying or planning to fly on the airline. It is truly remarkable how the airline has grown from its humble beginnings to a truly global airline.

I have flown with Emirates quite a few times in both business or first class and one trip between Bangkok and Hong Kong in economy as well.

Everyone always talks about the A380 first class shower but for me it is more gimmicky than something really needed. I have used it probably twice of all my A380 F segments for novelty factor. Well. At least it keeps people talking about the airline and differentiate from others.