REMINDER: Avoid Turkish Airlines During Wintertime


Turkish Airlines has canceled a good portion of its flights over the past few days due to snow in Istanbul which is forecasted to continue for the next couple of days.

Turkish Airlines Cancellations

The airline seems to go through this every year and the operations collapse with the customer service that is not known to be that great even in good weather.

You can access the Turkish Airlines website here.

Here’s the list of flight cancellations for today:

Download (PDF, 412KB)


It is usually very difficult to get rebooked by Turkish Airlines to other airlines in case of irregular operations.

Passengers who are traveling from the European Union can refer to the EC 261/2004 legislation that requires airlines to rebook affected passengers at the passengers’ (not the airline’s) earliest convenience.

Duty to care applies (hotel, meals, transportation expenses etc.) but no payment because of delays due to force majeure type of event. Some could argue that snow during the winter time in Istanbul is not an exceptional event and appears to affect Turkish operations yearly.

I had a friend traveling from Bogota to Barcelona via Istanbul upgraded with one of their elite vouchers to business class (TK*G) and the airline rebooked him on Air Europa to Barcelona via Madrid in business. I was almost sure that they would never ever do this

Remember that it probably will take a couple of days for Turkish Airlines’ operations to recover fully after the snow stops. Crews and airplanes must return to their usual rotations.