Reader Question: FlyBe LCY-CDG Flight Cancellation Due To Fog?

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question regarding a fog-related FlyBe flight cancellation that resulted in the reader taking Eurostar to Paris instead.

Reader Question FlyBe Flight Cancellation

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Just hoping you could help me with some advice.

Was due to fly to CDG on 30th December from LCY but flight was delayed at first for over three hours then finally cancelled. This was with Flybe.

The whole situation was a mess. No announcement or staff members around, just a txt via my phone. There was one information desk serving several airlines which was a mess also.

The cancellation was due to fog. They have refunded me but I want to know if I am entitled to anything else.

I had to uber to kings X and purchase Eurostar tickets so I could get to Paris (purchased fully flexible a few days before the flight as insurance). Plus the car that picked me up in Paris cost extra as I was heading out to Disneyland.

Do you think I would be able to claim anything extra from Flybe? I’m also considering my options with my travel insurance which is American Express. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Fog is considered force majeure which means that the passenger is not eligible for cash compensation per EC 261/2004. Rerouting and duty to care still apply, however.

The reader could have requested FlyBe to bofly ok him on the earliest possible (not necessarily theirs) service to Paris but chose to take Eurostar instead that was likely the sound choice to get to the destination on time. FlyBe has refunded the ticket.

I would try to find out what costs the travel insurance that the reader has covers. Some may cover rerouting costs like what was occurred here while many would not. Difficult to tell without reading through the policy using a magnifying glass.


Lufthansa has reimbursed train tickets during their strikes, but doubt that this would apply here. Best course of action is to explore if the travel insurance would cover the out of pocket costs involved in getting to Paris.

Sometimes it is better to make an alternate plan, just like the reader did, if getting to the destination is very important. FlyBe would have eventually got him there but likely too late for the reader.

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