Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan & Virgin America Elevate 10,000 Bonus For Linking Accounts By January 31, 2017


Alaska Airlines purchase of Virgin America closed last month (read more here and here) and now the airline is trying to get Elevate members to link their accounts to Mileage Plan or open one.

Alaska Airlines & Virgin America 10,000 Bonus Miles

Alaska Airlines is offering Elevate members 10,000 bonus Mileage Plan miles for either linking accounts or accepting an offer to open Mileage Plan one by January 31, 2017. The offer is valid for Elevate members that had account by December 5.

You can access Alaska’s web page for this offer here.

Here’s the email that Alaska sent out:

Alaska Airlines & Virgin America 10,000 Bonus Miles EmailAlaska Airlines & Virgin America 10,000 Bonus Miles Email Continue

Seems that they are having some issues. Trying to link my accounts resulted in system error:

Alaska Airlines & Virgin America 10,000 Bonus Miles Problem


The email T&Cs state that this offer would be only available for those that have not had Mileage Plan account before, but the second part of the message offers 10,000 miles for those that have had both accounts in good standing and is willing to link them.

Seems that Alaska and Virgin America were not able to match my Mileage Plan and Elevate accounts, although both use the same email address. Alaska was suggesting that I should accept the opening of new accounts but I would just rather link them to get the one time bonus.