Whine Wednesdays: Not Enough Power Sockets!


The downside of the digital world is that we all curry multiple devices that are constantly consuming power.

Whine Wednesdays Power Sockets

I have two laptops, cell phone, external speaker set, power bank and then some even when traveling just by myself. It is difficult to get all the devices charged because many of the hotels simply don’t have enough power sockets around the work desk.

Sometimes you see a work desk in a brand new hotel that comes with three power sockets but only one of them is actually free! Table lamp and the wireless router also need energy leaving only one socket for the guest.

It is sometimes a challenge to get the guest services to understand what power strip means. Sometimes they merely bring an extension cable and other times a converter.

You would think that at this day and age hotels would make sure that there are enough power sockets everywhere? This doesn’t only apply to hotel rooms but hotel and airline lounges too.

The club lounge could be brand new and beautiful but few power sockets hidden. Then you need the extension cable and people sometimes almost fall when walking over them.


Hotels really should ensure that they have enough power sockets around the work desk and I would prefer those that you can plug in US, UK and European devices. I do carry all the converters in multiples just in case….

It is not a beautiful sight when you have power strip and all the various adapters out in otherwise well designed room or suite.

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