Hotels Asking For Good Scores: Case InterContinental Grand Parnas & Holiday Inn Harbin


Many hotels remind their guests that they would rather hear from him/her if there are any issues during the stay rather than giving less than perfect score on those after stay surveys that the chains often send out.

Hotels Begging For Positive After Stay Survey Remarks

Some hotels have employees wear buttons asking for 10 while others may have reminders on their welcome letters. I believe that I have seen them all and I have two examples from the past week. One done tastefully while the other one not so. Both examples are from IHG affiliated hotels.

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Grand InterContinental Parnas Seoul

Hotels Begging For Positive After Stay Survey Remarks YES

This was done very tastefully and shaped thoughtfully as a heart. IHG calls these scores derived from the surveys and other sources as “Heartbeat” (of the hotel). I doubt that many guests understand the connection (unless they work for the chain) and what this Heartbeat means at the property level.

Holiday Inn Harbin

Hotels Begging For Positive After Stay Survey Remarks NO

Oh well. This is a big no no. Hotels are not supposed to ask for the perfect score and here the hotel is basically saying that anything below 8 will hurt them (true). The key to good score is to provide guests with service that goes above and beyond the minimum required.


Hotels get sanctioned by the chain if their scores well below certain minimum threshold. This may mean extra training requirements and higher franchise fees among other things.

I don’t think that leaving notes such as these specifically mentioning the surveys are going to work. I much prefer just a note to give a call to the MOD if there are any issues during the stay.

Great hotels will get good scores while badly run will score low. At the end of the day, satisfying guests is not exactly rocket science. It may be difficult to execute, however.

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